See below for mathematics I have worked on that may be of interest to others.

  1. Conductors of Twisted Weil--Deligne Representations, with Matthew BisattarXiv preprint, September 2023
  2. The Failure of Galois Descent for p-Selmer Groups of Elliptic CurvesarXiv preprint, June 2021
  3. On 2-Selmer Groups of Twists after Quadratic Extension, with Adam Morgan, Journal of the London Mathematical Society 105 (2022), no.2, 1110--1166.  arXiv preprint.


  • In September 2023, Julian Lyczak and I organised the workshop WAARP, which was held at the University of Bristol.
  • In August 2022, Adam Morgan and I organised the fourth edition of Y-RANT, which was held at the University of Glasgow.
  • A talk I gave at the Arithmetic Statistics and Local-Global Principles workshop, held at the ESI in Vienna in 2021, can be viewed here.
  • My Ph.D. thesis can be found here.